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A Groom and Her Bride: Choosing Their Wedding Dress

The days of black and white tuxedos have slowly taken a back seat to contemporary styles and latest trends. Many different styles exist now! If the groom doesn’t want to wear the “traditional” black and white tuxedo, he has options. The catch is to find the right style for the type of wedding you have chosen. All eyes will be on you and your groom, so he needs to look as handsome as you will beautiful!

Certain “Rules of Etiquette” are important to follow when finding exactly what you need. You don’t have to go by the book! But, do consider using the rules pertaining to your type of wedding. It will help make coordinating a lot easier. I spoke with Mike Huey, owner of American Tuxedo in Memphis, TN, and he suggested three things a bride should know before choosing the perfect attire for her groom and his entourage.

1. Tag along when choosing what the groom will wear.
It is always a good idea for the bride to accompany the groom when choosing his attire. While a groom may not know exactly what to look for or where to start, Mike stated that the bride usually has a good idea! The professional(s) helping you will ask lots of questions about the specifics of your wedding. After finding out what type of wedding the couple has chosen, Mike will ask the bride if her dress is ivory or white. This will determine the shirt color for all the men in the wedding party. Unfortunately, sometimes the groom is overlooked when making wedding plans. So, let this be his happy day and have the final say! He knows what style he likes and what fits best.

2. Coordinate with the bridesmaids.
When choosing vest and tie colors, Mike stated that the bride should bring in a color sample or bridesmaids dress. This will help get an accurate match. The same thing applies to style. “If everyone is wearing different styles, it can look bad,” Mike explains. “For example, if the bride has chosen a knee length sundress for the bridesmaids, you don’t want the men in tails and a top hat.” Not all brides will choose one for their wedding! She may want every other bridesmaid in one color and the remaining in another color. That is totally fine! Just make sure the groomsmen follow the same pattern. Mike mentioned that if you do choose more than one color, keep it to a minimum. It can be difficult working with more than three colors while trying to coordinate the entire wedding party.

3. Make sure everything fits.
Everything from the jacket to the shoes needs to fit properly. Men like to be comfortable! To make sure the men in the wedding party look sharp, they need to get fitted by a professional. It may be a few weeks until their clothes can be picked up, so make sure they try on everything on one last time. “Pick up is usually the day before the wedding,” Mike continued. “This way any last minute adjustments that need to be made can be corrected on the spot.” As a bride, you want your wedding party to look magnificent, just like you.

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